Featuring the hilarious trio from Flight Of The Conchords (Bret McKenzie, Rhys Darby & Jemaine Clement) this slick comedy horror is a riotous and gruesome nod to Peter Jackson’s (Lord Of The Rings) early films.

A supernatural force brings together two lost souls undergoing radical treatment at an experimental drug-testing facility, but when the facility is locked down for the weekend and the drugs take effect, the human guinea pigs experience sinister hallucinations pointing to a horrific double murder. Find it on putlockers.

Unsure of where reality stops, the apparitions become more and more threatening until the only way to leave the facility alive is to solve this haunting secret.

Diagnosis Death DVD & Blu-Ray
As funny as Shaun Of The Dead, more horrific than Severance - TalkSPORT Magazine On DVD & BluRay 3 August